Boost your sales with a 15 to 20% increase in ROI through our proven PPC Management Services. Improve your conversions with industry-specific PPC experts.



Looking for a Quick Turnaround?


In-depth analysis to discover the ideal audience for your paid ad campaigns.


Detailed plan with targeting, goals and timelines to tune campaigns for success.


Design creative assets to accurately target your audience with your brand values.


Launching campaigns after ad testing to ensure that ROIs are ideal for the brand.

Retargeting that Converts!

Result-Oriented Retargeting Strategies

Reconnect with previous visitors, through a targeted campaign for the purpose of Remarketing. Our retargeting campaigns are designed for that additional effort to appeal to prospective buyers and convert them into customers. Our strategies ensure that the users are motivated to call, visit, or make a purchase with your brand.

With customized audiences for customized campaigns, we can target audiences for better return on investments. From various strategies such as Geofencing, phrase match targeting, etc, we can generate relevant audiences for ideal PPC Management Services.

Why Pay-Per-Click?

Pay per click management is an effective strategy to boost your sales, increase website traffic and deliver results. The most beneficial part of PPC Management is the extremely targeted audience for your brand.

Paid Search Platforms

We work with all the major paid search platforms including top market players such as Google, Bing and etc

Google Ads

Google is the most used search engine in the World with more than 85% market share. Boosting your brand through the platform makes it an ideal choice for brands of every particular sector and niche. Optimized PPC (Pay per click) management services improve overall ROI and reach through different ad campaigns.

Bing Ads

Microsoft and Bing Ads are something that cannot be overlooked. Microsoft ads are essential for brands because Bing is one of the most used search engines after Google. At Remote Geeks we have specialized marketers with Microsoft Ad certifications to ensure your campaigns have the best results.

PPC Management Development Packages

Just like our plans, pricing, and offerings, your business, audience, and target market are unique. With years of experience, we ensure that our PPC Management services cover every aspect of marketing and performance.


Suitable for basic web application 

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Suitable for advanced web application

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Suitable for customized complex web applications

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PPC Management Services

Having a social media presence is an essential part of your business. Harnessing the power of social media marketing provides a proven strategy for engaging your audience, tapping into new markets and growing your business

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) give you flexibility and multiple assets for an ideal search ad. We can create an ad with a number of descriptions and headlines for 5 to 10% higher CTR than standard search ads.

Shopping Ads​

Shopping ads are one of the best choices for e-commerce brands. The campaigns are based on the live product feeds, hence analyzing product pages, organizing feeds, and planning bid strategies is essential for ROI.

Display Ads

Display ads have been a core element of PPC Management, and are a worthwhile investment. The exposure from display ads is widespread and targeted which is ideal for brand recognition and retargeting for higher ROI.

Remarketing Ads

Reingaging with potential customers who have visited your website is easier with remarketing ads. PPC Management can widely help retarget the lost customers which will eventually increase CTR and return on investments.

Local Service Listings

Local service listing ads are a great channel for local brands requiring related leads. Listing-based clients such as real estate companies can generate 5x more ROI than conventional real estate leads.


Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, we have got you covered. Our services are tailored to your requirements, in which case you are at the right place. Why should you choose Remote Geeks? Why, because we have been turning startups into SMEs and SMEs into Enterprises with our result-oriented Digital Marketing Services.

Conversion Focused Ad Strategies and Campaigns

We caft every strategy for appeal, relevance, and conversion.

These text-based ads appear within a Google search above the organic search results. Search ads provide consumers with a snippet of information about your business, as well as a link to call you on mobile devices.

Targeted Audiences for your PPC Advertisements

Every ad is optimized to generate relevant leads

Targeting your locations, competitor’s locations, industrial events etc with pinpoint accuracy. Our PPC Management focuses on the quality and relevance of leads more than the number of leads, improving conversions with us.

Campaign Performance and Reporting

Transparent reporting and monitoring of PPC campaigns

Every campaign will be analyzed and monitored for improvements, while every campaign will be reported in detail. Transparent PPC Management services are our main USP, we ensure that your ad spend is utilized to the max.

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Let’s collaborate to elevate your business, expanding the reach of your products, services, and innovations to new markets, customers, and users.

Don’t Think PPC Advertising Is for You

PPC Advertising is ideal for every particular brand depending on their goals. Every brand has their own unique requirement and the tailored strategies work according to their plans and budgets.


Strategic Options

With different types of advertisement options, we define customized strategies for your brand.


Specified Reach

Highly targeted and relevant audience for leads. The specified reach will create better ROIs.


Controlled Budget

Budgeting for the campaigns is controlled and strategized for maximum CTR and increased ROI.


Increased Exposure

Exposure for brands is ensured with display ads and other campaigns that can generate leads.